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Tips in Choosing a Camera Bag


A novice photographer does not only buy cameras and different lenses when starting his own photography business but he should also purchase a camera bag. A camera bag is very important for all professional photographers. This carrier protects their costly gear and it aids a photographer transport his equipment much easier particularly when traveling to cover a celebration.


There are many types of camera bags to pick from and the number of bags being offered in the marketplace these days can be mind-boggling for an amateur photographer. There are many elements to consider in choosing the ideal camera bag for you and to help you select, here are some ideas on what to look for in a camera bag.


1.    Pick a bag that matches your type of photography
When shopping for different camera bags to select from, think of the sort of photography you are planning to enter into or the kind of photographing you are presently doing. If you handle destination weddings or if you travel a lot, then contemplate on acquiring a rolling camera bag that is compact and passes international airport requirements. Additionally, if you undertake landscape photography and standard wedding, you may consider a messenger type camera bag or a backpack.


2.    Look for a comfortable bag.
Many photographers whine about the extra weight of their photography gear and this makes it important for you to choose a comfortable bag. Consider a bag that has cushioned slings because they help lessen the burden you are holding. The drawback though is that some pads are too thick and this really adds weight to the bag. Make sure to ask what material the bag is made of and try it out before buying.


3.    Have a look at the dimensions.
At the start, you might only have few photography gear and components but pretty sure over a month or two you will purchase more items. This makes it essential to consider the measurement of the camera bag you really want to own. The camera bag will need to still have space for other things that you might perhaps buy and take when handling events.


4.    Pick a not too-obvious camera bag
Strive to look for a camera bag that doesn’t look like it. Camera bags are prone to theft since thieves know how costly camera equipment can be. There are fashionable camera bags readily available in the marketplace today and these bags can keep you away from spying eyes of thieves.


There is no perfect camera bag but for sure you will find camera bags that will meet your taste and style. A lot of photographers own more than 1 camera bag and so if you can manage to pay for 2 or more bags then that would be good. The most critical thing here is for you to be able to provide protection to your precious cameras and gadgets and for you to be also comfy in carrying your stuff.


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Important Equipment and Accessories in Photography


Do you love to photograph almost anything you find wonderful? Are you preparing to pursue a career in photography or start your own photo studio? Well, if you are one of the many photo enthusiasts who want to go into photography, then you will should prepare and be determined to achieve your dream of becoming a professional photographer.


To become a professional photographer can be difficult. It takes time and dedication to become among the respected and in-demand professional photographers. An ambitious photographer needs to buy and study the various photography equipment that he will use in taking brilliant photographs. Furthermore, skill in photo editing is also important.


There are 5 photography devices and accessories that are crucial for photographers.


1.    Camera
Some photographers film while other shooting using a DSLR camera. DSLR is somehow more common now compared to film but both types generate great images. With DSLR, you can choose between a full frame sensor and cropped sensor. There are also several things to consider like resolution, size plus the price. Assess prices and capabilities before choosing one.


2.    The len's
A qualified photographer has a minimum of 2 lenses and the lenses he uses often depends on the type of photography he is into. Zoom or telephoto lenses are brilliant for taking photos far away like when in weddings where young couples are exchanging vows. Macro lens is right for individual shots of nearby items/ subjects.


3.    Tripod
A tripod can give balance for your camera in order to prevent shakes. Less camera shakes will help make photographs look clearer.


4.    Batteries
Extra batteries are important when covering an event. A photographer should always bring fully charged batteries so he is able to capture plenty of special moments.


5.    Lighting Diffuser
Lighting is vital in photography. Sufficient light is necessary to take great images. Too much light like light from flashes should be decreased using a lighting diffuser.


Once you've these equipment, be sure to practice making use of each so you can get the wonderful images you desire.


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5 Mobile Applications Photographers Must Try


With the continuous development of mobile technology, you shouldn’t be shocked that anywhere you go, you will find professional photographers and photo hobbyists around.


Nowadays, you actually don’t need a Digital slr camera camera right away t be called a photographer. All that you would need is an android phone with high pixels, great features and awesome android applications. Using your mobile phone you can now photograph the subjects you like and make the images more creative using an application.


Here’s a list of some free android applications ideal for photography fans and even professional photographers.


Some Android phones have a shutter cam that is somewhat noisy and can be awkward when used in public. This SilentCam can help lessen or totally remove the noise from your camera phone so that you can capture images quietly.


Photo Grid
Photo Grid is a nice software for making a collage of the different photographs you took. You can customize a collage and share it to your social media accounts so your friends are able to see. You can also make one for your friend’s bday. A photographer can pour out his creative side using this Photo Grid application.


There are occasions when we want to take images of something we saw however it took us awhile to open our phone and set the camera. With Qikcam, it is easy to capture what you want. Even moving objects may be easily captured by this awesome application.


QuickPic can be used as your alternative gallery. You can store many photos and organize them by time, folder and file name. It will be simpler for you to search and access photos.


This is in some way similar to the Instagram application wherein you can publish the edited, final picture to your various social media accounts. This app has a variety of filters that can help make an image look more eye-catching.


Some enhancing tools or features of these applications are similar to those in DSLR cameras. This could be a good benefit to those who would like to begin photography.


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9 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

9 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


Searching for the right wedding photographer to record your wedding day is hard. You cannot just hire somebody you find on the internet or a photographer suggested by your friend. You need to do a background check and ask questions to potential wedding photographers.


Once you have the wedding date set, you should straight away start looking for a photographer. Start asking your family and friends for tips. You can also check within your area or go online to look for more wedding photographers. Meet with each of them and ask relevant questions to check the background, work experience and personality. It is important that you ask questions so everything will be settled well and you will have no problems during the wedding.


Listed below are some of the questions you must ask the wedding photographers you're going to interview.


1.    How many weddings have you worked on?
You need to know if he/she has enough experience in shooting weddings. The more experience he has, the better.


2.    Do you have a complete sample wedding album that I can see?
Ask for wedding albums of previous weddings he covered and check if the images look well-defined and great.


3.    What style of wedding photography do you use?
Wedding photographers have diverse styles. You should know what style he specializes in and if that style suits you then he could be a good choice.


4.    What devices do you have?
Inquire if he has many cameras, several set of lenses, memory cards, lighting equipment and other components.


5.    Do you have a second photographer or helper?
It's best if the wedding studio will designate two photographers to cover the wedding. These could ensure that more special moments will be caught on pic.


6.    Do you need a shoot list?
Ask the wedding photographer if he/she wants a shoot list. Many traditional photographers will ask for a shoot list so he will find out what you want them to take pictures of or what family or group shots you want to be incorporated.


7.    What is included in the package?
Make sure the details are clear and that you know what the package rate includes. There could possibly be excess fees charged to you if you’re not informed of what the restrictions and inclusions are.


8.    How many days will the post production be?

If the post production is only a couple of days, then the photographer is possibly not very efficient. Most post productions will take 2 to 6 weeks because the photographer will spend more time in editing the pictures to make it look awesome.


9.    How many hours will you cover?
Some photographers restrict their coverage to only several hours so you need to find out how many hours they will cover and how much you need to pay for excess hours.


Your wedding is very significant so be sure you ask suitable questions before finally choosing which photographer to get.


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Fundamentals of Aerial Photography


You can find numerous types of photography but none of them can be compared with Aerial Photography in terms of technical perspective. It has been used not just for art exhibit but also for gathering technical data, facts and investigation.


Aerial photography has been used for human geography - a scientific study that reveals how previous people work compared to the modern ones.  It also has become very useful in terms of landscape archeology and global warming. This is the reason this kind of taking photos is always associated with science, specifically in local ecological issues.


Now you won’t be surprised that Aerial Photography is incorporated in the first year of geography and archaeology courses. And if you are thinking about getting a Masteral Degree, you would surely encounter more about Aerial Photography.


There are two kinds of Aerial photography style that are usually being used are the Vertical and the Oblique.


Vertical style for aerial photography is in fact taking shots over a landscape directly looking all the way down. It is the most popular style being used by aerial photographers especially if only the overview of the landscape is required of them.


Vertical style much simpler to understand as compared to oblique style.  Even though this style is not popular to archeological research they usually used it to check and spot things that are often missed during excavation or exploration. It can also help you analyze fascinating earthworks that you'd not notice if you're on to the ground.


Oblique style is catching images in a typical 45 degrees angle or any angle that could give the best viewpoint of the image.  This kind of style is the one popular in archeology because of its wider context and its depth. It is usually used in fixed-wing aircraft like helicopter since it has the capacity to fly on a reduced elevation, which is proper to the oblique style. This style is perfectly suited in studying environmental conditions like erosion etc.